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1. Fill out the Customs Declaration forms.

2. Fill out the Shipper's Agreement form for all air parcels.

3. Weigh the parcel and count up the total (add $10 if weight is over 50lb. MAX weight 70lb).

Maximum size of the package (height + wide + long) is 55 inches. If the size of the parcel excess 55 inches please add additional $10 for size between 55-65 inches, $20 for size between 65-75 inchers. If the size is over 75 inches please call to our office 1-770-417-1770 for new pricing.

4. Keep the last (blue color) copy for your records and send yellow one with your payment (check or m/o) back to us in the envelope with our returned address to:

Please make a payment to Meest Central, Inc

3851 Holcomb Bridge Rd., Suite 100
Norcross, GA 30092

5. Enclose the rest of the Customs Declaration forms, Aviation Security Known Shipper Revalidation and Shipper's Agreement form(for AIR parcels only) in separate envelope and attach it outside to the appropriate parcel.

6. Please put the barcodes from the last page of the declaration form on the appropriate parcel.

7. Take the parcel(s) to the nearest FedEx office

8. FedEx representative will accept the box from you at no charge.


On every parcelТs Customs Declaration CN 23 Ф is made out separate У.

! У The humanitarian help Ф, "gifts", etc. is not authorized to write the general names such as "clothes", "souvenirs", У a thing second-hand Ф,

Specify in the declaration real contents Parcels, concrete subjects.

Near each name (a jacket, trousers...) grade (figure or a tick). Please write a quantity for each item.

At sending auto spare parts, electronics, home appliances specify in the declaration Ц "accessories", У accessories for a computer Ф, "spare parts", "home appliances". Concerning sending such goods call in main office Meest behind instructions.

At sending on one address two or more parcels it is desirable to address them on different members of family, for example Ц Ivan Bojchuk, Maria Bojchuk.

If the addressee Ц the legal person (the charitable organization, church, school, the company, etc.), do not specify in the declaration the name of the organization, write down only the address and a surname of the addressee.

Specify cost (Value) contents Parcels.

The specified cost in the declaration should not exceed such sum:

Ukraine and Moldova Ц $200; Russia with delivery and mail Ц $300; Belarus Ц $100;

Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Uzbekistan Ц $1000; Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia Ц $100.


Every parcel automatically insured on $60.

Cost of the additional insurance makes $5 for every $100. At full loss of parcel Meest pays to the sender the full insurance sum plus cost of transfer. If the sender has bought the insurance, specify the sum of the column УInsuranceФ


Inform the sender, that the customs service has the right to open for checking any parcel. Customs officers define the sum of the duty according to the state settlements. Meest does not bear the responsibility for decisions and actions of customs service.

If real contents of parcel sharply do not coincide with the inventory in the receipt, the customs can confiscate such parcel.

It is forbidden to send the weapon, drugs, money, a portable radio set, precious metals and products from them, psychotropic and inflammable substances, and also other subjects forbidden to sending by the legislation of the country of the sender or the country of the addressee. Clients, who have sent such subjects, will bear the criminal liability.